'Protecting What Matters'

Oklahoma City Metro Area


The purpose of this system is to help prevent the awful shock of walking into your home or business at any given time, only to realize that uninvited intruders have broken in, and possibly walked out with computers, audio-video components, money or other valuables. Possibly, an even more abhorrent revelation would be that, vandalism in the form of rampant willful destruction of defacing of the property had taken place. The worst scenario of all would be to suddenly realize that you and the intruder(s) are in the same building together. A monitored intrusion detection system is proven to be the most effective and affordable deterrent against these occurrences.


A professionally designed and installed Intrusion Detection System from Select Electronic Security can be set up to detect unauthorized entry into your property. Utilizing a variety of electronic equipment, a system can detect when a door or window is opened; a window glass is broken, or someone is walking around inside a protected room.

The system can respond by sounding a loud audible siren inside and/or outside the building. It can also be set up to automatically report the detected conditions to a 24-hour, UL Listed monitoring station through a connected phone line, a cell radio, or an internet connection. You, as the property owner, or their designated representative, can also be notified within moments of the occurrence via phone, text message, and/or email.

 In addition, the appropriate local law enforcement agencies can be notified, and provided with specific information about your property and system conditions while en route, by the monitoring station operators.

The proven value of an Intrusion Detection System is widely recognized by the insurance industry. Home or business owners who have them, frequently qualify for significant premium discounts on their property insurance. This is another very important way that Select Electronic Security helps you "Protect What Matters".